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Student Housing EntranceWe believe that the college is more than time spent in the classroom - it's about building relationships and finding your life's path. For many of us, the friends we make in college remain in our lives long after graduation. At Allegany College of Maryland, we invite you to gain the full college experience by living on our Cumberland campus at Willowbrook Woods in one of our five garden style residential complexes.

As one of the few community colleges that offer residential housing, we take pride in our safe, modern student housing. With the ability to house 236 students, we offer you the chance to check out group activities at our clubhouse, grab a bite to eat at our Campus Café, or make dinner with your roommates in the kitchen of your four bedroom, two bathroom apartment. At Willowbrook Woods, security is our top concern. Our security department provides 24/7 access control and patrol functions to ensure residents' safety.

To apply for on-campus housing at Willowbrook Woods, read and complete the housing application. Any questions on housing should be directed to our Residence Life Office at 301-784-5206 or

Note: The housing application is separate from the college admissions application.  To apply for general admission to ACM, please click here to complete the college admissions application.

For those who prefer to live off campus, the Office of the Dean of Student and Legal Affairs maintains a list of off-campus housing options, which is mailed to prospective students upon request. For further information, contact Student Affairs at 301-784-5206 or by email.