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We know that your life outside the classroom doesn't stop just because you have class or lab.

Whether you need cost-effective childcare, counseling services to handle emotional or alcohol or drug abuse issues, or simply a place where you feel at home and accepted, we're here to help. Allegany College of Maryland offers you the support and opportunities you need to have a well-rounded college experience, including New Student Orientation, countless student clubs/organizations and honors societies, a diversity center, student housing, and a full calendar of student activities and events.


The mission of Student and Legal Affairs is to educate students on life issues outside the classroom, to cultivate a safe learning environment, and to assist students in becoming well-rounded, responsible adults.



Dear Students,

Allegany College of Maryland has adopted a new policy that applies to all students and became effective on February 28, 2012.  The Student Communication Policy requires ACM officials to communicate with students electronically (via email, college website, student portal, etc.) whenever possible and requires students to monitor their electronic communication tools (particularly email) regularly and frequently.  This policy means that future, official correspondence from the College will be via email rather than postal mail and "it is the students' responsibility to read all communications and to respond as necessary."  Therefore, you should make it a habit to use your account on a daily basis.

The Student Communication Policy also includes some restrictions such as using College communication tools appropriately, not using personal communication devices (such as cell phones) to disrupt classes, and never engaging in cyber-bullying or other abusive/harassing behaviors.

The entire Student Communication Policy is available online and copies may be obtained in the Office of Student & Legal Affairs.  Questions about the policy should be directed to the Office of Student & Legal Affairs at (301) 784-5206