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Student & Legal Affairs is a department within the College’s division of Instruction and Student Affairs.  Ourdepartment includes Athletics, Residence Life (Willowbrook Woods), and Student Life.  You can explore their offerings on their webpages and contact their personnel if you have questions.  Every person who works in Athletics, Residence Life, and Student Life is dedicated to student success; we are here to help! 

In addition to these important service areas, the Office of Student & Legal Affairs provides numerous direct services to students including counseling, drug and alcohol compliance, residency, background checks for employers/colleges, emergency assistance program, conflict mediation, First Amendment protections, Freedom of Information Act requests, financial aid appeals, all on-campus housing applications/contracts, off-campus housing information, and more. The Dean of Student & Legal Affairs is also ACM’s Title IX Coordinator, directs follow-up to every Campus Security/Public Safety report, manages all Clery compliance including the annual Crime and Fire report, oversees all student discipline, investigates claims of discrimination, manages legal issues involving students, consults with faculty/staff regarding student issues, and more.

The department of Student & Legal Affairs Allegany College of Maryland offers you the support and opportunities you need to have a well-rounded college experience, including 8 outstanding sports teams, athletic facilities that are being upgraded to better meet your needs, a healthy and safe living/learning community at Willowbrook Wooks, Student Government Association, New Student Orientation, countless student clubs/organizations and honors societies, a diversity center, and many fun activities throughout the year. See the gray blocks to the left and click on the topic that interests you for more detailed information.

Allegany College of Maryland does not offer child care services; however, the local Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission (HRDC) has a Head Start location on college property. To learn more about their child care services, visit the HRDC website.

Our entire department is dedicated to educating students on life issues outside the classroom and to assist students in becoming well-rounded, responsible adults.

If you need anything, contact us. Welcome to ACM and best wishes on your success!



The mission of the Office of Student & Legal Affairs is to provide direct, non-instructional support services to students, to cultivate a safe learning environment, and to support institutional compliance with laws and regulations.



Dear Students,

Allegany College of Maryland has adopted a new policy that applies to all students and became effective on February 28, 2012.  The Student Communication Policy requires ACM officials to communicate with students electronically (via email, college website, student portal, etc.) whenever possible and requires students to monitor their electronic communication tools (particularly email) regularly and frequently.  This policy means that future, official correspondence from the College will be via email rather than postal mail and "it is the students' responsibility to read all communications and to respond as necessary."  Therefore, you should make it a habit to use your account on a daily basis.

The Student Communication Policy also includes some restrictions such as using College communication tools appropriately, not using personal communication devices (such as cell phones) to disrupt classes, and never engaging in cyber-bullying or other abusive/harassing behaviors.

The entire Student Communication Policy is available online and copies may be obtained in the Office of Student & Legal Affairs.  Questions about the policy should be directed to the Office of Student & Legal Affairs at (301) 784-5206