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eLearning & Ed Tech Services

eLearning & Ed Tech Services (eLETS) personnel are devoted to supporting an environment that promotes quality teaching and learning and that increases access to quality education.

Distance Learning

We have supported learning at a distance in our interactive video classrooms since 1995 and in web-enhanced and online courses since 2003. eLETS staff assist with development of online courses and administration of our online learning management system, Brightspace, and provide training and support to faculty and students.


Multimedia Services

eLETS staff provide audio, video, and photographic production services to enhance teaching and learning in traditional and online classes. Services include assistance with podcasts and video tutorial productions, on-site and remote field production, and green-screen technology production. eLETS staff also produce and provide programming for Allegany County's public, education and government television channel, PEG.


Classroom Technologies

eLETS staff maintain and support instructional classroom technologies, including interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors, document cameras, and audience response systems. We maintain interactive video classrooms at each of our campuses and provide technical assistance during all classes and meetings held in these classrooms.


Training and Support

We provide training and instructional design support to faculty/staff in the use technologies for developing online courses, engaging students in the classroom and improving productivity.

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