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Resources for Web Accessibility

The following are a set of resources to help with the development of web materials and to test and evaluate that content. These Testing Tools do not fully identify all issues but help identify initial accessibility barriers.
  1. Accessibility Guidelines and Standards Links
    1. United States Access Board - Guidelines and Standards
    2. Federal Government Site on Section 508
    3. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
    4. Research-based Web Design & Usability Guidelines

  2. Testing and Evaluation
    1. WAVE - web accessibility evaluation tool
    2. WCAG and Section 508 validator
    3. Powermapper (W3C, WCAG1, WCAG2, 508)
    4. CSS Validation Service (W3C tool)
    5. HTML and XHTML Validation (W3C tool)

  3. Helpful Accessible Design
    1. Accessibility techniques and concepts
    2. Voluntary Product Accessibility Template