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Wait-Listed when you signed up for a class?

Wait List


New Terminology at ACM: Wait-Listed

Have you heard the term wait-listed but are not sure what it means?  Wait-listed is a new feature that allows a student to sign up for a class that is currently full.  The wait-list feature is used as a tool to notify students when another student has dropped the class.  Once you become the next eligible student on the wait-list you have 48 hours to officially register for the course.  You will be notified of this status through your ACM email account.  It's important that you check your ACM email account daily or you may miss your chance to enroll in the class.

Wait-listing is also being used to determine the level of interest/need in a specific course.  If the number of students on a wait-list for a specific class reaches a certain number, then the administration may decide to offer this course and/or an additional section of this course.