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Student Development

Do you know how you learn best, or what time of day your concentration is the strongest? Have you figured out what career will bring you satisfaction? Allegany College of Maryland's Student Development courses can help you assess your learning style, values, and long-range goals as you develop effective skills and habits associated with personal and professional success.


To do well in college or on the job, you need to understand your own strengths, interests and priorities, and be able to adjust to meet new demands.

Our Student Development courses are college-level electives that improve both your educational and personal growth. Whether you choose to take our courses online or in the traditional classroom, you'll learn academic, problem-solving, communication, and goal-attaining skills that you'll use for a lifetime of learning.

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As a student taking Student Development courses, you'll learn how to be more successful in college and your career through the following courses:

  • Habits for Success – Develops positive study skills and habits for success for college and on the job.
  • Connections for College and Career Success – Covers how to take control of your life through self assessment, study skills applications, and career exploration.
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Faculty/Staff Info
Dr. June E. Bracken, Professor and Director of Learning Support and Disability Services

Humanities 52

B.A., Gordon College

M.Ed., University of Virginia

Ed.D., West Virginia University