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PROGRAM: It is the intent of this agreement to update the existing articulation agreement between Allegany College of Maryland (ACM) and the Allegany County Board of Education (ACBOE) in the program area of Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant Management Option. The ACBOE Culinary Arts program is located at the Center for Career and Technical Education (CCTE).

ELIGIBLE COLLEGE CREDIT: Students will be eligible to receive articulated college credit for the courses listed below.

  • HRMG-101, Introduction to Hospitality                           3 credits
  • HRMG-110, Food Service Sanitation                             1 credit

           TOTAL: 4 credits

The articulated credits may be applied only to the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant Management Option program.  Students may receive all or part of these articulated credits under the condition specified below.

REQUIREMENTS: Students must be a completer of the Career and Technology Education (CTE) Culinary Arts program of study. The CTE Culinary Art program of study must include a course in the area of food sanitation (980 Culinary Basics), which must be taught by a registered ServSafe instructor certified by the National Restaurant Association (NRA). Students must obtain a passing rate of least 75% (60 out 80) on the NRA ServSafe certification exam. Students must have a cumulative average of "C" or better in the CTE Culinary Arts program of study course sequence (980 Culinary Basics, 981 Honors Culinary Basics, 982 Professional Baking and Pastry, 983 Honors Professional Baking and Pastry, 984 Professional Cooking, 985 Honors Professional Cooking). Students must enroll at ACM in the AAS degree in Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant Management Option program within two (2) years of high school graduation. Students wishing to obtain articulated credits through this agreement will initiate the process with the CCTE Culinary Arts teacher. The CCTE Culinary Arts teacher is responsible for completing the Articulated Credit form available through ACM. Students will provide the completed Articulated Credit form to his/her ACM Culinary Arts advisor. The ACM Culinary Arts advisor is responsible for processing the Articulated Credit form with the ACM Admissions/Registration office.

BENEFITS: Articulated credits are posted on the student's transcript after he/she has completed one (minimum) semester at ACM in the AAS degree in Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant Management Option program. Students will receive credit, but no grade, for each course he/she articulates. There will be no effect on the grade point average (GPA) calculation for articulated credits. Articulated credits will be posted as "credit by articulation" on the student's transcript. There will be no tuition or other costs associated with obtaining articulated credit.