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Bedford County Technical Center


Allegany College of Maryland 

PROGRAM: It is the intent of this agreement to update the existing articulation agreement between Allegany College of Maryland (ACM) and the Bedford County Technical Center (BCTC) in the program area of Automotive Technology.

ELIGIBLE COLLEGE CREDIT: Students will be eligible to receive articulated college credit for the courses listed below.

  • AUTO-103, Automotive Electricity I                                  4 credits
  • AUTO-105, Related Technical Automotive                       2 credits
  • AUTO-114, Automotive Brakes I                                      2 credits
  • AUTO-215, Steering and Suspension                              4 credits

                                                                                          TOTAL: 12 credits 

The articulated credits may be applied only to the AAS degree in Automotive Technology or the Automotive Technology one-year certificate program. Students may receive all or part of these articulated credits under the condition specified below.

REQUIREMENTS: Students must be a completer of the Automotive Technology program at the BCTC. This program is NATEF certified and must maintain this certification to maintain this agreement. The student must have a cumulative average of "B" or better in all BCTC automotive courses, and an overall "C" or better cumulative GPA in all high school courses. The student must pass, at the Advanced Level, the NOCTI Assessment in all areas to be considered for articulation. Students wishing to obtain credit for Automotive 103, 114, and/or 215 must pass a practical test(s) with a score(s) of 80% or better, as administered by one or both of the Automotive faculty at ACM. Students wishing to obtain credit for Automotive 105 must have their BCTC Automotive teacher complete a competency checklist (provided by ACM) verifying the student's skills in all required areas. It is the responsibility of the student who wishes to obtain any or all of these credits to initiate the process with his/her BCTC Automotive teacher. Students will be eligible to participate in this articulation agreement only if they have graduated from high school and completed their BCTC program within the last two (2) years. The BCTC Automotive teacher must verify the grades and End of Program testing with the ACM faculty. The BCTC teacher must complete the Articulated Credit Form for any and all courses for which the student is eligible to receive articulated credit.

BENEFITS: Articulated credits are posted on the student's ACM transcript after he/she has completed one (minimum) semester at ACM in either of the two Automotive programs. Credits will be posted as "credit by articulation". Students will receive credit, but no grade, for each course for which he/she qualifies. There will be no effect on the student's college GPA. There will be no tuition or other costs associated with obtaining articulated credit.