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Bedford County Technical Center


Allegany College of Maryland

PROGRAM: Students who participate in the Agricultural Sciences (CIP 01.0000) program offered by the Bedford Country Technical Center may receive college credit for a specific course in the Forest Technology (CIP 03.0511) AAS Degree program or the Tree Care Technician (CIP 03.0511) Certificate program at Allegany College of Maryland (ACM) under the following conditions. 

ELIGIBLE COLLEGE CREDIT: Students who have successfully completed the three year Agricultural Science program at Bedford County Technical Center with a "C" or better average in the three-year, nine credit sequence may receive credit for Forest Technology 101 at Allegany College of Maryland.

REQUIREMENTS: Students may receive credit for Forest Technology 101 after completing the following conditions. (1) Students must enroll in the ACM Forest Technology AAS Degree program or the Tree Care Technician Certificate program within five years of high school graduation. These credits will apply only toward the associate degree in Forest Technology or the Tree Care Technician Certificate program. Students who select another program/field of study will not receive credit for Forest Technology 101. (2) "Credit by Articulation" for Forest Technology 101 will be posted on the student's ACM transcript after the student has successfully completed one semester (minimum) at ACM in the Forest Technology program or Tree Care Technician program. (3) The high school teacher must complete the "Articulation Credit" form verifying that the student meets the terms of this agreement. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that this form is provided to the Forest Technology Program Director.  (4) Students wishing to obtain credit in this manner must initiate the process with their high school teacher, or the student may elect to forgo this procedure and enroll in Forest Technology 101.

BENEFITS: No fee will be assessed and the student will receive, at no charge, two hours college credit for Forest Technology 101. The credits are posted, but no grade. Therefore, there will be no effect on the students' grade point average (GPA).