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Allegany College of Maryland

PROGRAM: It is the intent of this agreement to update the existing articulation agreement between Allegany College of Maryland (ACM) and the Mineral County Technical Center (MCTC) in the program areas of Health Occupations Science Technology (MCTC) and Medical Assistant, Office Technologies, Radiologic Technology, Massage Therapy (ACM). The Health Occupations Science Technology program is available at the Mineral County Technical Center (MCTC). The updates to this articulation agreement noted below are necessary to comply with new accreditation requirements of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

ELIGIBLE COLLEGE CREDIT: Students will be eligible to receive three (3) articulated college credits for Office Technologies 110, Medical Terminology, (OFTE-110) under the conditions specified below. Articulated credit for OFTE-110 can only be applied to those degrees/certificates that list OFTE-110 as a graduation requirement. At this time, these associate degree curricula include: Medical Assistant, Office Technologies (Administrative Medical Assistant), Radiologic Technology, and Massage Therapy. One Office Technologies certificate program, Medical Coding and Billing, is also included. Other programs may be added to this list in the future and articulated credit for OFTE-110 could also apply to them. Articulated credit for OFTE-110 cannot be used as an elective.

REQUIREMENTS: 1) Students must be a "completer"; i.e., they must complete the entire 4 credit Health Occupations Science Technology program at MCTC plus Medical Terminology (1 credit) with an overall average of "B" or better in those courses. 2) Students must enroll in an ACM program that lists OFTE-110 as a graduation requirement and they must do so within two years of high school graduation. 3) Students must pass a comprehensive exam administered by ACM at no charge. 4) The MCTC Health Occupations Science Technology teacher must complete a competency checklist, provided by ACM, verifying the students' skills in all areas. 5) Students enrolling in the Medical Assistant AAS program or the Office Technologies (Administrative Medical Assistant option) AAS program or Medical Coding and Billing certificate programs must successfully complete OFTE-132, Elements of Human Disease, before the articulated credits for OFTE-110, Medical Terminology, will be added to the students' transcripts. Students enrolling in Radiologic Technology or Massage Therapy need to successfully complete only the challenge exam and have the MCTC Health Occupations Science Technology teacher complete the competency checklist. Students wishing to obtain credit in this manner must take the challenge exam at least two weeks before beginning their first semester at ACM. 7) Students must initiate the process with their MCTC Health Occupations Science Technology teacher. The MCTC teacher must also complete an Articulated Credit form, in addition to the competency checklist, that certifies that the student meets the conditions of this agreement.  Articulated credit will have no bearing upon students' eligibility for admission to a selective admission program.

BENEFITS: Articulated credits are posted on the student's ACM transcript after he/she has successfully completed one semester (minimum) at ACM in one of the above noted programs. Credits will be posted as "credit by articulation". Students will receive credit for OFTE-110, but no grade, for the articulated course. There will be no effect on the student's college GPA. There will be no tuition or other costs associated with obtaining articulated credit.