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Transfer Planning

Step by Step Transfer Planning

A step by step guide to transferring, from selecting a college major to matriculating at a new school.

Advising by Major

Advising sheets for specific majors transferring to specific universities.

Academic Common Market

Find out-of-state schools that offer reduced tuition for certain majors and home residency.

Online Degree Completion Programs

Locate universities that offer online bachelor's degree programs.

ACM General Education Course List

Find out which courses are listed as General Education at ACM.

Non-Traditional Credit

How may departmental examinations, CLEP, AP, and other non-traditional credits transfer?

Transfer Scholarships

Useful tips and resources to assist you in your search for scholarships.

Reverse Transfer

Transfer credits earned at other institutions back to ACM and graduate from ACM even after having transferred.

Transfer Rights and Responsibilities

Learn what are the rights and responsibilities of transfer student.