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Brand Promise

ACM is about People. We improve the lives of our students, our community, and each other.
Our roots are strong and run deep. We are proud of the college and the work we do.

  • We promise that everyday we will strive to support each other, celebrate our successes, keep our students as our primary focus, and endeavor to help them achieve success;

  • We will be a cultural hub for our communities;

  • We will stand with our business and industry leaders to re-energize the economy in our region;

  • We will work hard to communicate across the college so faculty and staff are aware of everything the college is involved with;

  • We promise that everyday we will seek to grow and be the best college we can be;

  • We will respect the past, but not hold so tight that we are unable to move forward and make a difference in the future;

  • We will create a culture of growth and acceptance for everyone who comes on our campuses - our staff, our students and our guests;

  • We will embrace our campuses and move forward as One College with One Voice to serve our communities with the stellar education and services they deserve.