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Automotive Service Attendant - One-Semester Career Program

The Automotive Service Attendant (ASA) Certificate is a program offered to anyone wishing to gain basic knowledge of automotive systems and service.  This program is designed for those wishing to enhance current knowledge, or to gain employment in the automotive service industry as an entry-level technician. It is structured to take advantage of evening meeting times to assist those currently employed. Automotive systems and the service of those systems are covered.

The course content consists of all automotive material in an abbreviated format.  The equipment available  in  our  state-of-the-art  automotive  lab  facility  provides  the  opportunity  for  thorough hands-on training. This certificate program can be completed during the fall or spring semesters of the regular academic year. Students may attend courses out of sequence.  

There are no prerequisites for any of the courses, but a minimum grade of “C” is required to pass. This is a career  program  and  is  designed  to  enable  students  to  seek  employment  at  the  program’s completion. Any student completing the Automotive Service Attendant Certificate program can receive credit for Automotive Technology 105 when registering for the Certificate, or the A.A.S. Degree. Our program has been evaluated by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and certified to meet the requirements designated by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

Students completing this curriculum will be prepared to take the ASE G1 (Maintenance and Light Repair) exam.  Additional charges for automotive technology students will include a $50 replacement tool fee. The Automotive Technology program at Allegany College of Maryland has been designated as a Statewide Program by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Maryland residents from counties other than Allegany County who register in this eligible program will be charged the out-of-county tuition rate. However, these students may be eligible to receive reimbursement for a portion of the cost difference between the in-county and out-of-county tuition rates. Funding availability for this program is based on funding  from  the  State  of  Maryland  and  is  thus  subject  to  change  each  semester. Some restrictions  apply.  More  information  can  be  obtained  by  contacting  the  Admissions  Office. Successful completion of this program qualifies a student to apply for a certificate in Automotive Service Attendant.

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