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Ben Shertzer


Ben Shertzer



      NAME: Ben Shertzer                                        HIGH SCHOOL: Mountain Ridge

      YEAR: Freshman                                             HOMETOWN: Frostburg, MD

      MAJOR: Nursing


Q. Why did you choose Nursing as your major?

A. I want to help others, and my mother is a nurse.  She has been a big influence.  I once had a bike crash and I admired how I was treated by the nurse in the hospital and ever since, I saw myself being there for other people.

Q. What made you choose ACM?

A. It is local, low cost, and has an excellent nursing program that is very tough and prepares students for after college.  Lastly, the "pass rate" is better than a lot of big state university programs. 

Q. How would you describe your experience at ACM so far?

A. It has been good, and my professors have been very helpful. 

Q. Would you recommend ACM to others, and why? 

A. Yes, because of the low cost and the high quality education.  ACM surpasses some of the big state schools, with programs that really prepare students to be successful in their careers.  

Q. What three words best describe you?

A. Compassionate: I want to be the kindest person possible.  Intelligent: I love to learn and I don't want to focus on just one thing. Passionate: I have a thirst to learn.  

Q. How would your peers describe you?

A. Positive, open book, and humorous.  

Q. What motivates you? 

A. My future.  I always ask myself, what can I do right now to make my future better.  I have both short and long term goals, and always want to improve. 

Q. What are some of your hobbies or interests outside of college? 

A. Instrumental music.  I've been playing various instruments since the fourth grade. 

Q. Are you working while attending college?

A.  Yes, I work about 20 hours a week at Chick-fil-a

Q. What are some obstacles you've faced in life that have helped shape you?

A. Time management.  There are just so many things that take up my time, such as band, school, and work.  I have a hard time taking time out of my day for me.