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Student Spotlight
Talita Mirfin

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At A Glance

     NAME: Talita Mirfin                                   HIGH SCHOOL: Tardentes

     YEAR: Third Year (3+1 Program)             HOME TOWN: Brazil/Everett, PA

     MAJOR: Business

Q. Why did you choose your major?

A. I love to deal with people and solve problems. 

Q. What made you choose ACM?

A. It was local, affordable, the staff is very friendly, and they really want the students to be
     successful in everything they do. 

Q. How has your experience been at ACM?

A. Amazing and exciting!  I literally love school. 

Q. Why would you recommend ACM to future students?

A. I always encourage people to go to college, and I tell them I love ACM because they will help
     you with finanical aid or any other issues you might have coming into college. 

Q. Now that you've been through the college process, what advice would you give yourself if you
     could go back and do this again?

A. I would stress the importance of reading and writing, becuase the style of writing is much
     different from my culture in Brazil.