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Student Spotlight - Oriana Wilson

At A Glance...

  NAME: Oriana Wilson
  HIGH SCHOOL: St. Charles High School
  MAJOR: General Studies

HOME TOWN: Waldorf, MD



Why did you choose your major?
A. I did not know what I specifically wanted to do, but I knew I needed general classes so it made the most sense to come to a two-year college. 
Q. What made you choose ACM?
A.  I wanted to attend a community college where I could live on campus and ACM felt so welcoming after visiting the campus. 
Q. How has your experience been at ACM?
A. Pretty good so far. I thought I had the whole college thing figured out, but biology is tough.  I do like the freedom. 
Q. What are some challenges you've encountered as a college student?
A.  Balancing time. 
Q. Now that you've been through the college process, what advice would you give your past self?


I would prepare myself more for college; find better ways to study and organize, and learn better note taking skills.