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There are required updates needed to the ACM Student Email system. In order to accomplish these updates, we must create a temporary mailbox that will contain all your current emails. This email account can be accessed by going to: and using your current user name followed by along with your current email password

Example, if you currently access your email with, you will type in and enter the password you currently use for your email.

Please check this email account regularly for an email containing information about a new email account that will be created for you. 

Once you receive the email about your new student account, you will need to login to that account ( ) with the supplied username and password.

Once logged into the new account, you should notice an email that contains information about how to migrate your emails and files from the temporary account to this new account.

When you have accomplished moving all the necessary emails and files, you will not need to use the account.

If you do not receive an email about a new account being created, or you need help with the migration process, please contact ACM helpdesk at 301-784-5444 for assistance.


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we upgrade our systems to better serve you!