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Student Spotlight Ashley Bingaman

At A Glance...

  NAME: Ashley Bingaman
  MAJOR: Cybersecurity

HOME TOWN: Oldtown, MD



Why did you choose your major?
A. I chose this major because of my experience at the Career Center and the number of articulated credits accepted from ACM for my coursework at CCTE.  I like the idea of knowing how to fix my own computer and solve my own computer problems.  I know there is job security in this field.  I also like computers and playing video games. 
Q. What made you choose ACM?
A.  I chose ACM because of the cost and convenience to home.  I also like the smaller campus and class sizes.  The transfer options were also appealing as I plan to transfer to Frostburg State University after receiving my degree from ACM.
Q. How has your experience been at ACM?
A. Overall, my experience has been good.  I'm very pleased with the number of credits I was able to bring in between my coursework at CCTE and classes taken through the Early College program.  In total, I started this semester with 26 credits.  I also like my professors, they care about students. 
Q. Why would you recommend ACM to future students?
A.  I could have attained a job from my coursework at CCTE but it would have been entry level and there would not have been many opportunities for advancement.  A college degree is needed in today's world, especially if you want to be a supervisor and have opportunity for advancement in your career. 

My advice to future students is to grab hold of any opportunity given to you.  For an Allegany County resident, ACM is definitely the smarter choice.  The tuition is half the cost of a university for the same education.  It is convenient with a beautiful, clean campus.  Students should also take advantage of Early College courses being offered at their high school.  It is a great deal, to take classes at half-price, and the courses fit into any program. 
Q. Now that you've been through the college process, what advice would you give your past self?


1. No matter how prepared you think you are, you cannot prepare enough for college.  College is different than high school. 

2. Start your coursework on your first day of classes; stay on top of your work from the beginning or you'll fall behind. 

3. Meet with your advisor as soon as you can and continue to meet with them to ask questions and make certain you're on the right path to graduate.