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Biotechnology Option

Biotechnician working The biotechnology program at Allegany College of Maryland is an option of the Medical Laboratory Technology program.

Clinical Laboratory technicians work in a clinical laboratory in a physician office, hospital, clinic, or reference laboratory setting. The traditional MLT works in a patient care laboratory.

The Biotechnology option provides a way to broaden the preparation of the laboratory worker for environmental, epidemiological, industrial and research laboratories in addition to the clinical laboratory.  Courses provide students with experience in such areas as immunoassay, DNA and RNA isolation, RFLP, blotting, cell preparation and transformation.

  • Biological technicians assist scientists who conduct medical research, pharmaceutical companies, investigate infectious organisms, analyze organic substances, examine criminal investigation evidence, or manufacture biological supplies.
  • Environmental technicians perform laboratory as well as field tests to monitor environmental resources and determine the sources of contamination/pollution.

More career information on science technicians is available from the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

A student can choose from the following options:

Complete the Biotechnology Career Option as a stand- alone option.  This option integrates some traditional MLT courses, which include many transferable scientific skills, and environmental science/biotechnology courses.  The curriculum also includes internships in environmental and biotechnology laboratories.

Complete the Biotechnology Certificate. This option is only open to those students which have an existing degree in either a general science or Medical Laboratory Technology. Completion of either the Associate or Bachelor's degree is required.

Complete both the Traditional MLT sequence, then the Biotechnology Certificate Option as a blended curriculum.  This option would allow tremendous flexibility in employment setting to include the clinical laboratory as well as any laboratory setting.  The employment possibilities are truly diverse.

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