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Blackboard Email Issues

We are experiencing some Blackboard (Bb) issues involving students not receiving emails from instructors using the Bb platform to send the emails. Some instructors have reported that the students do not receive the email at all, other instructors have reported that the email is going to the students SPAM folder.

Emails may have inadvertently been marked as SPAM. Students need to check their SPAM folders (in their OUTLOOK account) for instructor Bb emails. If you find an email sent from Bb:

  • Right click the message
  • Click 'Junk' (once the subsection opens up)
  • Select 'Not Junk.'

You will need to do this for each instructor you have. (Two or three instructors, mean two or three different sent addresses).




There is also a setting for a FOCUSED and OTHER inbox. Some emails may be going to FOCUSED and some to OTHER. Students can turn this off and only have a single inbox. Here's how:

  • Log into OUTLOOK using your account
  • Go to settings (the little cog wheel)
  • Choose display settings, then Focused Inbox, and choose Don't Sort Messages
  • Make sure to click the OK button at the top of the page to Save changes
  • Then refresh the mailbox (F5 on the keyboard will refresh your screen)

You should now see a single inbox (and Focused and Other will not be at the top).



We will continue to monitor this this situation. If you have any questions regarding this information please submit a HelpDesk ticket by emailing