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Opportunities for High School Students

Whether you're a high school student enrolled in one or more of our courses or a student who's decided to waive your high school senior year to enroll in early college, we look forward to making your experience at our college a positive one. At Allegany College of Maryland, you'll receive a 50% tuition discount as an early college student, no matter your home state or county.

If you're a high school student aged 16 or older, you may enroll at our college on a full-time or part-time basis, under the following conditions:

  1. To enroll as a part-time student, you must secure the written approval of your high school principal and complete all normal college admission requirements, including our Placement Test.
  2. To enroll as a full-time student, you must meet the above conditions and show proof of completion of all of your high school graduation requirements with the exception of fourth-year English.

Additionally, we offer special admission for Gifted and Talented Students. We accept, with approval from school officials, students who've completed seventh grade and attained scores of 1200 or more on their SAT or scores of 22 or more on their ACT.

Please click here to apply for admission to our Early College Program.