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“Helping 2 Keep The Door Open” 

Gift Intention Form

Dear Allegany College of Maryland Foundation Board:

 I believe that Allegany College of Maryland is a valuable community resource and wish to share in the College’s important “Helping 2 Keep The Door Open” initiative.  I intend to support the Foundation to the fullest extent possible and will do my best to fulfill the gift indicated.  I understand, however, that if for any reason it is not possible to complete payments or it is necessary to extend the time of payments, it may be done entirely at my discretion.


It is my intention to contribute the sum of $______________ over _____ year(s)


I intend to fulfill my commitment (check one)

q       With quarterly payments

q       With annual payments

q       With gifts of stock, real estate or other negotiable securities

q       I would like to discuss methods of payment with a staff member


Please allocate my gift as follows:

q       Unrestricted (where needed)

q       ____________________ Scholarship Fund


Please check one:

q       You may recognize my gift             

q       Please do not recognize my gift



Print Full Name (as you would like it to appear in Foundation publications) 



Signature                                                                                 Date


Address           ______________________________________________________________




Phone          __________________________________________________________________________


Please contact me about:

q       Establishing a scholarship with specific criteria designations

q       Creating my own endowed award in memory/honor of a loved one

q       Contributing through my will/estate

q       Making a gift which will provide income during my lifetime



Print and mail to:

Allegany College of Maryland Foundation, Inc.

12401 Willowbrook Road, SE

Cumberland, MD  21502

301-784-5200 – phone

301-784-5038 – Fax