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To Request Special Accommodations

Students with special needs who provide appropriate documentation of their disability are eligible for services through the Disability Services Office.  Students requiring assistance or accommodations should contact the Director of Learning Support and Disability Services at the Cumberland Campus or the Director of Student Services at the Bedford County Campus or Somerset County Campus.  To assure timely acquisition of services, students should contact Disability Services at least six to eight weeks prior to the stat of the semester.  Maryland residents who are retired from the workforce by reason of total and permanent disability as defined by the Social Security or Railroad Retirement Act may be eligible for a disability-based tuition waiver and should contact the Disability Services Office in Cumberland, room H-52, or by calling 301-784-5112. For those students attending the Bedford County Campus, please contact the Student Services Office there at (814) 652-9528 extension 6202.  The Student Services’ Offices work with the entire College in providing reasonable accommodations and accessibility.


Request for Disability Accomodations