Allegany College of Maryland's Department of Campus Safety and Special Police are responsible for the safe keeping of lost and found property.

The ACM Lost and Found is now located in the College Center in the Campus Security Office, behind the Theatre. There is a Lost and Found drop slot on the door for your convenience.

It is the responsibility of the ACM Community to contact Campus Security if they have found an item or an item has been turned into your department.

Every effort will be made to return such property to the rightful owner.

Any unclaimed property will follow the time period & procedures below:

  • Perishable Items - Destroyed immediately
  • Clothing or non-high value items (Under $100 value) - Held one month
  • Valuable Items (wallets, keys, electronics, phones, etc. $100+ value) - Held until the end of the semester

*All items that have reached their time period will be donated to local charities.

It is the Allegany College of Maryland Department of Campus Safety and Special Police's procedure that all individuals must show a form of photo ID to claim property. This can be a Student/Staff ID or Driver's License/State issued ID.

Anything received that could be potentially harmful (a health risk to ACM employees or property, a CDS or firearms) will be handled and secured at Campus Police.

Any questions, please contact 301-784-5555

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