Tuition & Fees


A high-quality, highly-engaging education doesn't have to come with a high price tag. Allegany College of Maryland ranks as a best educational value, and our low tuition and fees make us one of the most affordable colleges in the nation.

ACM In-county rates

ACM In-county rates

ACM In-county rates


Paying for College

While ACM is certainly a best value in higher education, it's smart to consider resources that may be available to make your education even less expensive or easier to finance.

Financial Aid

Begin by applying for financial aid, using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You must complete the FAFSA each year for your eligibility to be determined. Financial aid may be in the form of grants which you don't pay back, loans which you do pay back with convenient terms, and work-study which can fund your salary for an on-campus job that can be scheduled around your classes. Visit Financial Aid to learn more about student financial aid programs.


Scholarships provide gift money but have certain terms and conditions which may include your past academic record, financial need, or the major you intend to pursue. Visit Scholarships to learn about the 300+ scholarship opportunities available at ACM.

Payment Plans

A payment plan through Nelnet Business Solutions lets you spread out payments rather than paying your tuition all at once. There are participation fees, but no interest is charged. Visit Payment Plans for more information.

Discounted Tuition Programs

ACM is able to extend even more exceptional rates through various discounted tuition programs. Benefiting many students, these programs make a college education more affordable than ever!

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