Emergency Update(s)

There is currently no emergency situation.

Emergency  Contacts
  • In an Emergency - CALL 911
  • Campus Safety / Special Police - 301-784-5555

Emergency  Telephone Locations

Emergency telephones are conspicuously located in each classroom building, College center, continuing education, gym and learning commons.  They are clearly marked and are to be used to call 911 in emergencies and campus security at 5555.

  • College Center: at dinning area entrance
  • Learning Commons: near entrance at circulation desk
  • Gym: main lobby
  • Continuing Education: inside main entrance
  • Science Building: inside southeast entrance
  • Humanities: inside main entrance
  • Tech Building: (2 phones) canteen 1st floor- connecting hall 2nd floor
  • Allied Health: (2 phones) canteen 1st floor- top of steps 2nd floor
  • Auto Tech: lobby

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