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Satisfy your thirst for fresh thinking.
A group of Allegany County residents got together when some began to envision possibilities for diversified adult education opportunities. Why not tap into the pool of talented local residents willing and capable of sharing their areas of expertise?

 Please note: all Thursday classes are held at 10 a.m. in CE room 8


August 29 –  Kick-Off–Allegany Unearthed: Coal in Western Maryland - A Student Perspective 

Speaker: Matthew Ravenscroft
Description: An examination of the impacts of coal on Western Allegany County for the past two and a half centuries.
Note: This presentation will take place at 6:30PM in rooms 12-14 of the Continuing Education Building.

September 5 – Cloud Computer, understanding what it is and how you can use it 

Speaker: Doug Schwab
Description: Cloud Computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

September 12 – Antique Dolls

Speaker: Anne Beyer 
Description: Hear information to help you identify family dolls – old and new – you may have at home or have heard about. Following the talk, informal identification of dolls with be available.

September 19 – Sylvan Retreat

Speaker: Andrew Sparber 
Description: The Sylvan Retreat was a small psychiatric hospital meant for Allegany County residents built at the turn of the 20th century. What was unique about the facility is the amount of ongoing support for patients, humanistic care by staff and that minorities were admitted.

September 26 – Braddock’s Defeat 

Speaker: Joe Weaver
Description: Launched from Fort Cumberland, General Edward Braddock’s 1755 expedition should have been a stunning success. Instead, it ended as one of Great Britain’s worst military defeats. What happened? Why?

October 3 – Antique Jewelry 

Speaker: Kristina Hall
Description: 200 years of bling and elegance from the middle class of Europe, England, and the USA – from sentiment to opulence, materials, techniques, and styles including a short “show and tell.” Following the talk, participants are welcome to bring one piece of their antique jewelry, and which they would like to know more.

October 10 – Families Plus Books = WOW 

Speaker: Children’s Literature Center
Description: Looking for activities to share with your grandchildren? Join members of the Children’s Literature Center to learn about their programs focusing on books for children.

October 17 – Prairie Dogs Are Charming and Cute, But They Are Also Promiscuous Serial Killers 

Speaker: John Hoogland, UMCES-Appalachian Laboratory
Description: Prairie dogs exhibit a wide range of human-like social behaviors, from friendly interactions such as grooming, kissing, and playing to less desirable actions such as adultery, incest, and even murder. Find out why John calls prairie dogs his “little people,” why he studied them for 45 consecutive years, and why these almost-endangered species are worth saving.

October 24 – Archaeology of the French and Indian War

Speaker: Suzanne Trussell 
Description: The French and Indian War was fought on the British frontier of the Appalachian Mountains in 1755-1763. Suzanne will discuss the background history of the French and Indian War and specifics of archaeological investigations at regional sites.

October 31 – Telephone Scams

Speaker: Lt. Israel Sibley, Allegany County Sheriff’s Department 
Description: How to recognize a telephone scam, how to handle the caller, what you need to do to end the call and not “fall” for the scam.

November 7 – 2020 Census

Speaker: Ashley Roush 
Description: In a little over a year, the public will get the chance to respond to the 2020 Census. And before they do, it is our job to make sure they understand that their responses help shape the future of their community.

November 14 – Buzz and Bites 

Speaker: Brian Dicken
Description: Understanding the ticks, mosquitoes, and rabies issues for your own good health.

November 21 – Coming of Age: Washington’s Time in Western Maryland

Speaker: Chris Logsdon 
Description: Western Maryland played a unique role in the military and political careers of America’s first president, George Washington. This presentation recalls key events that explore the significance of Western Maryland in the life of America’s foremost Founding Father.

December 5 – A Local Connection to WWII 

Speaker: Daryl Smith
Description: An unwitting, but quite willing German-born American citizen, with ties to Eckhart, is part of a failed Nazi plot to “turn” the Dakotan Germans into supporters of the 3rd Reich.

December 12 – Holistic Life Science and Why it is Necessary Now

Speaker: Dan Fiscus 
Description: Dan will present the ideas in his recent book, Foundations for Sustainability, a scientific synthesis and strategy for understanding and solving the problems that make up the systemic global ecological crisis.

LLL Conversational Spanish (LLL040)

This is not a beginning Spanish class. Participants should have at least a minimum of previous experience with Spanish pronunciation, grammar, and conjugation. Must be a member of Lifelong Learners (LLL005) to take this course.

9/6-12/13, Friday (13 sessions)
No Class 11/8 & 11/29
10:00 –11:00 AM
ACM: CE Building
Instructor: Ray Kiddy



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