Study Labs

Study Labs are available on a walk-in basis with no appointment needed and are based on small study group sessions. Students may come as often as they need to receive assistance with academics. In the study labs, students can meet with a professional Learning Specialist or student tutor, use a computer to work on assignments, or simply find a comfortable place to sit and to do their homework.




The Math Study Lab is staffed by professional Learning Specialists who have strong backgrounds in mathematics, and are specially trained to help students achieve success in mathematics. Our Learning Specialists will assist students, but will not do their homework and assignments for them. Students are responsible for being proactive in their learning.

Learning Specialists will assist students with:

  • Homework assignments
  • Example problems
  • Understanding of the material
  • Reviewing graded assignments


Cumberland Location: Room 119 in the Learning Commons.

Please check the study labs’ schedule for current hours. Students may also contact the Math Study Lab at 301-784-5331.


Reading and Writing Center, "The RAWC" (pronounced Rock)

The goal of the Reading and Writing Center is to work with students to improve their basic academic skills.

Professional Learning Specialists can help students:

  • Become more confident writers
  • Improve understanding of course materials
  • Expand vocabulary and grammar knowledge
  • Learn new study strategies
  • Gain assistance with finding and citing information sources
  • Computer Science course help
  • Academic technology assistance (Brightspace, Office 365, Navigate, etc) 


Cumberland Location: Room L115 of the Learning Commons.

Please check the study labs’ schedule for current hours. Students may also contact the Reading and Writing Center at 301-784-5057.


The Science Study Lab is staffed by Professional Learning Specialists who assist students with anatomy and physiology, general biology, microbiology, chemistry, and physics. Students are encouraged to do their homework and to study for tests in the lab for a more hands-on approach to tutoring.


Science Study Lab tutors will assist students with:

  • Science study skills
  • Hands-on lab assignments
  • Note-taking
  • Exam preparation
  • Understanding general course concepts
  • Working with Anatomy & Physiology models
  • Nursing tutoring available- see semester lab schedule


Cumberland Location: Room S15 of the Science Building.

Additional lab space may be used for tutoring; check the notice on bulletin board of S15 for locations.

Hours vary based on room and staff availability. Please check the study labs’ schedule for current hours and room locations. Students may also contact the Science Study Lab at 301-784-5141.


Other study labs may be added depending upon student's interests and the availability of qualified tutors.


Bedford County Campus Study Labs

Visit the Bedford County Campus webpage for times and locations of study labs.

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