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Inspiring a Healthier You!
It is the mission of Allegany College of Maryland to enhance the well-being of employees through implementing effective programs and offerings that impact all dimensions of well-being: Purpose, Social, Community, Physical, Emotional and Financial.
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Location: COLLEGE CENTER (CC) Suite 168


Wellbeing Guiding Principles
  • Well employees and healthy work environments are important components to a highly functioning, efficient and cost-effective workplace.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices lead to job satisfaction and improvements in productivity, decreased health insurance costs, absenteeism, presenteeism, stress, and injuries, as well as improved recruitment and retention.
  • By providing resources, education, screenings, and a work environment conducive to health and safety, employees are better informed and are aware of their role in their health care.
  • Healthy employees have a positive impact within their families and on the health of their communities.
  • Organizations need proactive wellness programs that encourage employee engagement at all levels.
  • Employee participation in our program is voluntary.
Highlights of Our Program
  • Facilities that include: Fitness Center, Walking Tracks and Labyrinth, Tennis and Basketball courts
  • Mind-Body-Medicine Facilitator with MBM Trained Instructors
  • Monthly Lunch-n-Learns
  • Individual and group wellbeing activities
  • Campus Wide Healthy Food Offerings Initiative
  • Wellness Clinics
  • Financial Workshop
  • Serenity Room (H-58)
  • Reflection Room (CC-19)

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Six Dimensions of Well Being


Liking what you do each day and living for a purpose, finding meaning in a career, and connecting value to what you do in your work.


Having supportive relationships and love in our life. Being fully present and engaged with those around you.


Managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security.


Having plenty of physical and emotional energy to perform daily tasks and responsibilities. Not just the absence of disease, but achieving health.


The level of engagement you have with the place you live, feeling safe and taking pride in our community.


How you handle life’s ups and downs; how you handle emotions, think and act. Accepting worth and creating, recognizing and  expressing feelings. 


Wellness Events
Mental Health Matters Walk
Registration 5:30pm
Event 6pm
May 13



Silver Award 2020

2020 Healthiest Maryland Businesses Wellness at Work Award Recipient

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