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The Adult Education Program at Allegany College of Maryland is a grant-funded program providing educational services to Maryland residents who need a high school diploma, or who may need to work on their basic skills for employment or continuing their education. Students must be at least 18 years of age and not required to be enrolled in public school.
Director of Adult Basic Education
Location: GATEWAY CENTER 3rd Floor

 Adult Basic Education (ABE)
These courses are designed to develop the reading, writing, and mathematics abilities of adults who need these basic life and job skills to perform day-to-day tasks and build skills necessary for securing their high school diploma. No Fee

Adult and Family Literacy
This course provides instruction on reading, writing, and mathematic abilities and provides an opportunity for career exploration and improving use of technology within a family literacy and career focused context. No Fee

General Education Development (GED)
This course prepares students to take the official GED Test or to qualify for admission to the National External Diploma Program (NEDP).
GED Testing Fee $45 due at time of testing

National External Diploma Program (NEDP)
This course is designed to enable students to prepare a portfolio for evaluation of prior learning to validate the skills needed to achieve a high school credential. Materials Fee $120
Find out more about NEDP by watching this short video. 

English as a Second Language (ESL)
This course provides instruction for English language learners in the basics of reading, writing, speaking and listening in English.
No Fee

Workplace Skills- ACT WorkKeys
This course is designed to enable the student to learn the skills necessary to improve employability and basic skills using the ACT WorkKeys Curriculum*.
WorkKeys NCRC Assessment $36                                                                                           

Find out how ACT WorkKeys can help you document your work readiness skills. 

ABE Integrated Education and Training Programs (IETP)
Adult Basic Education offers instruction for eligible students to support integrated education and training experience through the identification of career and education goals, developing post-secondary education learning plans aligned with regional employment need. 

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ABE 2020 Graduates

ABE Graduation Video 2020

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Meet the Staff

Melanie J. Chapman 

Gateway Center 3rd Floor

MAED Adult Education and Training  Bachelor's of Science Business Administration

Deborah Miller 
Instructional Specialist

Gateway Center 3rd Floor


Patrice Deprey 
Manager of Information Specialist

Gateway Center 3rd Floor


Melanie Valentine 
Interim Intake Assessment Specialist

Gateway Center 3rd Floor



Glenn Burns, ABE and Workplace Skills 

Patrica DeRosaNational External Diploma Program (NEDP)Lead Advisor Assessor

Jeanne Gilbert, National External Diploma Program (NEDP)-Garrett County

Jodi Miller, National External Diploma Program (NEDP)

Bonnie Ruppenkamp, ABE/DSS, National External Diploma Program (NEDP)and Eng92 

Jodie Thompson, Career Pathways DSS, Workplace Transitions

Marie Weddle,  ACDC, English as a Second Language, ABE, and Diploma Prep 


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