Personal Safety - Housing


  • Never give or loan your room or apartment to anyone.
  • If your room key is either lost or stolen you must immediately contact housing staff to request a lock change.
  • Keep your room door closed and locked whenever you are out of your room, even for a few seconds.
  • If you plan to be away for the weekend, lock away your valuables, or take them with you.
  • Never permit individuals into your room that neither you nor your roommates know personally.
  • Use the viewer to see who is at the door.
  • Never leave personal valuables (keys, purse, wallet) in plain sight, always lock them away. Do not leave large sums of money or valuables in your room. If you must, make sure it is locked in a secure area.
  • Have all large equipment (TV, Radios) engraved with your driver's license number.
  • Do not leave messages on you door about when you will return.
  • Keep ground level windows and doors closed and locked.
  • Keep balcony doors locked at all times. (even if on the 2nd or 3rd floor, people have been known to climb up to the balconies)
  • Know fire escape routes.
  • Report malfunctioning locks and other safety devices to the Maintenance Department immediately, if after hours notify housing or security staff immediately.
  • Always report suspicious persons to Campus Security by calling 301-784-5555.
  • Do not put your address on your key ring.
  • Do not take an open drink from someone else, and never leave your drink unattended.
  • Watch out for your friends. Don't leave a friend alone at a party or let them walk home alone.
  • Always carry and show your Willowbrook Woods ID when entering housing and when requested.


  • Keep the noise down - If neighbors complain or it can be heard outside you apartment, you're likely to see the Housing Staff, Security, or an Officer at your door.
  • Don't invite more people than you can control - Big crowds are very hard to control. Sooner or later, a violation will occur or crashers will start trouble. Fire code regulations prohibit more than ten people in an apartment at one time.
  • Know your guests - Every guest should know a host or be accompanied by someone who knows the host. A lot of trouble is caused by people the hosts don't even know. Opening your apartment to uninvited guests in an open invitation to thieves or worse.
  • Remember, alcoholic beverages are prohibited and drug activity is a violation of the law. Alcohol is involved in 90% of rapes and sexual assaults. It dulls you judgment and lessens your inhibitions.
  • Always follow Allegany College of Maryland/Willowbrook Woods guidelines.


  • Have your keys in your hand so that you don't have to search for then when you reach your vehicle.
  • Before entering your vehicle, visually inspect the interior for anything suspicious.
  • As soon as you enter your vehicle, lock all doors and turn on your headlights.
  • When you park at night, try to park close to a light or in a well-lit area.
  • If you see anyone or anything suspicious, call Campus Police (301-784-5555) for an escort to your apartment.
  • Avoid thefts from your vehicle by locking it every time you leave it; by not leaving your windows down; by activating alarms or anti-theft devices and by keeping books, CD players, or other valuables out of sight or locked in the trunk.
  • Don't leave vital information in your car. Registration and insurance cards contain personal information that allows your residence or person to become a target.
  • Keep your key fob in your hand when walking to and from your vehicle. The panic button can be used as an alarm and draw unwanted attention for a attack or assault.


You can report an incident by calling Housing Security at 301-784-5196 , Campus Police at 301-784-5555, the police at 911, or an RA at 301-786-7194.

When reporting, attempt to provide as much information as possible about the situation; including at least the following:

  • What happened
  • When it happened
  • Where it happened
  • If anyone is injured
  • Description and/or names of persons involved
  • Your name, address, phone number (optional, you may choose to remain anonymous)


More information can be found on Housing Safety & Security, Policies, and Procedures in the Student Housing Guide or by visiting the Housing webpage.

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