LPN-RN Online Nursing Program Application

This form is only to be completed by applicants who are CURRENT Licensed Practical Nurses or Licensed Vocational Nurses applying for the LPN-RN Online Nursing Program.

Before submitting an application please review the Checklist for all LPN-RN Applicants to be sure you are eligible for the program. If eligible, application is below.


Application Deadlines:
2025 Admission
September 1, 2024 for spring 2025 semester
December 1, 2024 for summer 2025 semester
April 15, 2025 for fall 2025 semester
2026 Admission
September 1, 2025 for spring 2026 semester
December 1, 2025 for summer 2026 semester
April 15, 2026 for fall 2026 semester

2027 Admission
September 1, 2026 for spring 2027 semester
December 1, 2026 for summer 2027 semester
April 15, 2027 for fall 2027 semester

After you submit your applications you should receive feedback that we received your application to the NURSING program. If you have not received feedback within 2 weeks, please reach out to Heather Sloane at hsloane@allegany.edu for on-campus programs or Robin Stayer at rstayer@allegany.edu for the online programs. Thank you.


In order to apply, you must have completed at least 7 of the following required, pre-requisite general education classes.

-Anatomy and Physiology 207 with lab*
-Anatomy and Physiology 208 with lab*
-Microbiology with lab*
-College Algebra 102 or Probability & Statistics 109
-English 101**
-General Psychology 101
-Human Growth & Development 203

Also required for graduation but not required to apply for admission to the program:
-Sociology 101
-(2) Humanities Electives from 2 different disciplines

**All general education courses must be completed with a "C" grade or better.

If these items are not complete, please contact Advising Services for class scheduling as you are not yet eligible to apply.

*Note: copy of your license must be sent per the 5 step application process.

A copy of your driver's license or state issued photo ID, a copy of your nursing license, Clinical Experience/Professional Letter of Recommendation, and work verification are required to complete the application. Please send to lpnrn@allegany.edu as soon as possible.

Please send any official transcripts that need evaluated to acmtranscripts@allegany.edu

The application and all supporting documents must be received by the application due date to be evaluated for admission.  This includes any official transcripts, professional letter of reference, work verification form, and copies of nursing and driver’s licenses.

I certify that all statements given on this application are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. My signature on this form indicates that I am aware of the competiveness of the Nursing Program and understand the admission process.

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